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WISDOM, der leuchtende Pflasterstein

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Wisdom, how to built in the luminous paving-stone

The cableconnections should be arranged by an experienced electrician to guarantee a full protection from oxidation.
All power supplying cables must be laid in the sandbed before paving. The open ends should be located right where you plan the lighting stone placed. Please use cable suitable for "in earth" only! Take care that the luminous paving-stones get no direct contact with the other stones around of them and the cable from the Wisdom must be placed vertical in the ground. The work on the Wisdom is possible by hand only, it is not constructed to bear hard mechanical power from different mashines used for flatten the ready paving. To give static resistance to the LED paving-stones they must be paved in bed of cement (also the gaps two or three rows around). After that work is done you can walk over, drive over with light weight vehicles (limousine) and you already created an anit-theft device with it. 

cableconstruction for installation.
the rear view of the Wisdom. The lightstones are fully weatherproofed. In addition to the fact that the chip with LED is embedded in the resin, the cable is inserted through an IP68 adaptor to enhance protection against capillar-water. LED producers predict a "half-life period" of the Wisdom´s LED from 60.000-80.000 hours. The LED is not broken after that but it looses 50% of the lighting power when expired. Power supply of the undemanding Wisdom is very simple. A shrewd electronic provides optimal power to the LED always. The Wisdom sett-stone offers its full lighting strength inbetween 5 - 12 V very reliable. 

Guarantee on heavy load
... we didnīt want to trust our eyes. We drove a heavy over 20 tons truck, loaded with sand and stones, right near the Lightstone Wisdom underlayed with a pan of sand. It is that kind of truck with hydraulic pillars besides. We lowered the steelpillars diagonal on the lightstones edge to increase cropping effect. We lifted the truck halfside a few inch and let it down and lifted it again for 5 minutes. The result can be called positive. Not even the pillar made of steel could destroy the luminous cobble stone Wisdom. We want to guarantee on drive over with heavy weight vehicle of > 7,5 tons. Please click the picture left to see the movie showing the scenery.

Technial Datas LED Paving-Stones:

material: massive polyester DIN unit value
toughness stroke 53 453  kJ/m² 8
toughness bend EN 63 Mpa 90
stretch / fructure EN 61 % 2,5
resistance temperature ISO 75/A  53 461 °C 70
tightness at 20 °C 53 479 g/cm³  1,22
water admittance after 7 d/20 °C --- % 0,4

Lightsource : SMD (Chip) LED

operating temperature °C -40 bis +80
consumption mA max. 20
current power  V/DC 12

Safety class IP68 comply with DIN EN 60 529 (VDE 0470-1)
Correspond with general requirements of DIN EN 60598-1

 Technical Datas LED-Transformers (available accessory):

transformer (plug), inside use:
Input:    230 Vac, 50 Hz 
Output: 12 Vdc, 0,25 A, 3 VA
transformer, exterior use (IP 65):
Input:    230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Output: 12 Vdc, 2,6 VA
ta 40/E, DIN EN 60 742 (VDE 0551)

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