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Photomural LOVE, roses
blue wonder, photomural Lust, icecubes. bedded on roses, Love.
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These five photos show publications in magazines, very nice examples we think ....

Photomural in Magazine WOHNIDEE Photomural in Magazine LISA WOHNEN + DEKORIEREN Magazine FREUNDIN, No.19/02, May ZUHAUSE WOHNEN , No.7, page 40
Always along the wall. The photomural isn't still out. After years of the dislike it experiences a comeback from Witten with new motives now. There is already for a long time no more quarrel at least at just this taste question: Photo wallpapers are out. Or aren´t they? Within the last few fifteen years himself stuck to the wall who, had to calculate with insults of all bad habits a mountain lake or a sandy beach: Low-brow was still the most harmless. The republic found esthetic agreement at the verdict over the photo wallpaper to a last (or first) so: Youth room culture and wall unit bourgeoisie agreed: The photo wallpaper by far still surpasses the Gelsenkirchen baroque on the active list of the hideousnesses. In beautiful regularity then still appeared to postcard idylls wall filling hate and destruction article on these when the photo wallpaper lay at the ground already long. The much-maligned one remained presently that way although was not allowed there to be she already actually more anyway at all. On the other hand it must for this for uncompromising wills to the RetroCult wonder very much anyway, if, that recollection on the 70s reaching around himself unconsciously and eighties should calculated where one has even already borne Guildo horn anyway stop at wall felling deciduous woods and sundowns. And fact is: It represents (or must one say: a photo wallpaper sticky people for the himself without consideration on her reputation into the apartment still). And the difficult question surrenders there: Are these hopeless cases or trendsetter of first rank now? The Wittener Wolfgang Manhoff has decisively played a part in a wallpaper fundamental attitude change after own assessment. Manhoff is old enough with his 37 years to know the first high heyday of the photo wallpaper from own opinion: He as young pasted with his uncle Manhatten at night to the wall and found this very, very cool , how he says. He can get nothing for this motive more today. But the basic idea must have dug herself in deeply in his subconscious. At all events the interior businessman Manhoff looked at a white wall and began to dream of a product, would which be gigantic should firstly, would must secondly be cheap in proportion to his size and everybody would like which to have thirdly because of this some years ago. Manhoff reflected therefore, however, she wanted to print under no circumstances with the appropriate idylls on the photo wallpaper. This especially. Komar has been occupied by the Bavarian company for year and day gap in the market for her part works with all means of the marketing on a comeback of the photo wallpaper, this one. Manhoff looked for other presentations and came onto roses and ice cube. A reversal of the old photo wallpaper idea arose so to speak so. Instead of fetching the large, wide world reduced easily into the room, Manhoff extended the microcosm into the colossal one. The photo wallpapers, and customers like this as Michael Wiemann from Oelde actually only nasty finds. Now in frying pan size these his kitchen wall decorate, like even as man's guests and but so good that two already think about a similar wall covering of them the ice cubes but. The return of the photo wallpaper therefore takes place so to speak in a soft, easy tolerable variant. Gives 25 the genuine HardcoreRetroFan, the Tobias Blunck of Düsseldorf, years oldly, too, conclude in the IntemetMarketing and also in his leisure time on the height of the time, just have his living room changed into a palm beach. This is ideal for chillin´, he says. And a second palm beach should actually take the bedroom of the confessing Karibikfans to atmosphere (this time with sundown.) Anyway soon, the sundown already fell of the wall again. Perhaps this is an apt symbol for the chance of survival of this youngest trend. Photo wallpapers in the net: Thank you for the photo ....
Photo from a customer.

This photomural we printed in finest quality for you. Technically the resolution is better than many high gloss brochures. A view on the original MoKi posters opens a new world for you, as new and fascinating like looking through the lense of a microscope.
Each pictures size is 2,52 m x 3,56 m and comes in 8 pieces. Workmanship on the photomural is easy.
Have a look at the manual on the next page.

Tipp: you can use each of the 8 single pieces seperately, for example in frames
or you can split it in quarters and many more.

Photomural Esprit
Photomural Fresh Photomural Cocktail
Photomural Energy Photomural Dynamik Photomural Lust

You want us to make a photomural from your best shot?
   If you have your own idea of a nice photomural, please send us an e-mail. We will contact you immediately.
  For the ready size of 250 x 360 cm good quality photomural you must deliver the photograph in medium size film (6 x 7 cm). For smaller prints and less quality is a standard film or digital photo o.k.
   Cost of production for the big "High-End" print is now ca. 850,- EURO. Same is also possible to make cheaper but without UV-protection and not water repellent. Smaller sizes are available for less money,
for example DinA0 from 200,- EURO.

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