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LED Light, Toilet Seat Galactika

the famous luminous toilet seat

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Presentation of the LED Light Toilet Seat on the Frankfurt Fair.

The transparent toilet seat GALACTIKA is equipped with tiny ultra bright Chip-LED
in 5 cols.: pole-white, sundance-yellow, scarlet-red, amparo-blue and emerald-green.
The energy is supplied by 4 pcs. AA 1,5V batteries, that you find in an
inconspicuous batterycase taped with a velcro at the backside of the closet or
at the wall under the cistern. The real clou of the luminous toilet seat is the very tricky
elektronic processor. When opening the cover the LED light will be dimmed on slowly
and kindle their full power after 5 seconds. When closing the cover the LED light
will be dimmed off gently. If you leave the cover open the integrated processor
interrupts the powersupply after half an hour. One battery filling is good
enough for one month run (depending on frequency (c:).

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GALACTIKA LED Light in amparo-blue LED Light in a toilet seat on our booth in Frankfurt. Galactika!
GALACTIKA toilet-seat in amparo-blue GALACTIKA toilet-seat in emerald-green
GALACTIKA toilet-seat in scarlet-red GALACTIKA toilet-seat in pole-white GALACTIKA toilet-seat in sundance-yellow

At its first exhibition GALACTIKA LED toilet seat was a very big sensation.
TV and paper press besieged our booth. That´s no miracle as we entered a
terrain which bored us all time long.

2 little movies that make technicians hearts sing!

Download this little record of german news on TV .... Galactika in Action, the big ON and OFF Show ...
2,4 MB
TV record,  "N 24"
galactika.avi 2,7 MB
LED Toilet-Seat in "Action"
"LED-toilet seat", patented and copyright!

ATTENTION !: the long awaited GALACTIKA can be delivered right now. Make safe you get your piece of the High-Tech-Toilet-Seat and send your order today. You´ll be one of the first who owe a phaenomenal LED-toilet-seat.


ATTENTION!!! Cols. amparo-blue, scarlet-red, pole-white and sundance-yellow sold out already!

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